Can bacterial vaginosis be cured?

This condition of bacterial vaginosis is also known as BV is a condition that is mostly found in women and it is due to excess growth of bacteria. The main symptoms of bacterial vaginosis are itchiness, burning around the vaginal, pain and smelling which is disturbing. You might ask yourself who are more vulnerable to this condition. The answer is that all women are vulnerable to bacterial vaginosis. The highest number however is that age of women who have just entered in that age of giving birth. Regularly it occurs to those women who are pregnant. This can be very difficult for them as it may affect the baby in the womb or even birth especially if the mother does not know she is suffering from it until birth or she has been hiding it.

Research has not come up with the results of how bacterial vaginosis is contracted. The only way that has been discovered is due to unevenness of the bacteria in the vaginal area of a woman. It is a fact that bacteria are found in our body and we cannot do without and this I the harmless bacteria. Women however have the harmful bacteria and harmless bacteria. Bacterial vaginosis is caused when the harmful bacteria are more than the useful bacteria. There are several ways that are more to put women at risk of bacterial vaginosis and this include having sex with a fresh partner. Moreover those women who are not sexually lively are prone to bacterial vaginosis. 

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There are several tales that state how one acquires bacterial vaginosis such as acquiring the condition from public toilet seats or from the bed of someone which is linen. This comes about however as a result of the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis which sound like sticking on the toilet seat or bedding. This however is not true. However there are first symptoms of bacterial vaginosis and that is the emission of a whitish substance from the vaginal which is smelly and has a strong odor. This can be smelt after sexual intercourse. The very embarrassing part is the itchiness that comes however and also the burning around the vaginal especially when pass water. The most shocking thing is that some of the women who suffer from bacterial vaginosis do not undergo the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis.

It is however noticed that this condition highly affect pregnant women and it affects the baby too. You will find that the baby weighs less than it is supposed to or even it comes out premature. The womb of a woman with bacterial vaginosis may be destroyed plus the fallopian tube. The condition is termed as PID which can cause sterility or later in the years can bring about ectopic pregnancy. This is very scary as the egg which is fertilized grows externally on the uterus. Symptoms of bacterial vaginosis are diagnosed by a sample of vaginal fluid which is tested. Bacterial vaginosis can be treated and sometimes it will just disappear by itself. But it is good to be treated to stay away from other problems. You can also treat with antibiotics but it can still recur. You can also treat bacterial vaginosis holistically.

symptoms of bacterial vaginosis